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Welcome to DARIKAMI

Welcome to DARIKAMI

Your gateway to sustainably sourced, passionately selected, and nature-friendly products from Indonesia.

Oil Painting of a sunset in Indonesia

We’re a family-owned business with strong roots in Indonesia, on a mission to connect the European market with Indonesia’s rich heritage and diversity. Through direct trade, we champion small businesses, indigenous practices, and environmental preservation, while ensuring you receive only the highest quality products. Read all about our story here.

Meet our Hero

SINAR Mineral Sunscreen​

All Natural Non-Nano Zincoxide Sunprotection

With rising concerns over chemical sunscreens harming marine life and our own health, finding a truly clean, effective, and environmentally responsible sunscreen can feel like a mission. At DARIKAMI, we understand your struggle, and we’ve created the solution with SINAR Mineral Sunscreen.

Our all natural sunscreen, is a testament to our commitment to eco-conscious living. It masterfully blends the power of nature with modern science to offer you unparalleled sun protection. 

Each ingredient – from the soothing Illipe Butter and nutrient-rich coconut oil to the protective beeswax – is meticulously sourced from local communities and rendered into a product that cherishes your skin while safeguarding the environment.

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