Connecting Worlds, Cherishing Heritage

Unveiling Indonesia's Hidden Gems

Welcome to DARIKAMI, where our fervor for Indonesia’s rich cultural tapestry and bountiful nature blends seamlessly with our dedication to sustainability and empowering local communities.

Born from the intertwined journeys and shared vision of Merlyn and Sebastian, DARIKAMI serves as a bridge – connecting the vibrant archipelago of Indonesia with the heart of Europe. 

Each voyage to Indonesia deepened our understanding and appreciation of the country’s mesmerizing nature, vibrant culture, and skilled artisans. These experiences ignited within us a desire to create a platform to unveil these underappreciated treasures to the world.

Our Journey

Elevating Indonesian Artisans to a Global Audience

Our Mission & Vision

DARIKAMI’s mission revolves around the promotion and support of small businesses and artisans across Indonesia, giving them a platform to display their skills and products on an international level. We aspire to influence these communities positively, cherishing their traditional practices while preserving their unique environments.

Our vision is to present Europe with a carefully curated selection of superior, ethically-sourced Indonesian products. Every purchase empowers our customers to become part of a grander narrative – a tale of cultural exploration, mutual prosperity, and commitment to sustainability.

Inside DARIKAMI's Name and our Collaboration Stories

Darikami Co-Branding

If you’ve ever wondered about the name ‘DARIKAMI’, let us share its story. In Indonesian, ‘DARI’ means ‘from,’ and ‘KAMI’ means ‘us.’ Put together, DARIKAMI is all about ‘from us’ – it’s about our team, our vision, and our tribute to Indonesia’s stunning heritage.

But there’s more to our brand than just us. Each DARIKAMI product carries the name of the Indonesian artisan who helped create it. It’s a special bond that we highlight through our co-branding initiative.

Take ‘DARI IWANI’ for instance. The name doesn’t just showcase a product but tells the story of the people and culture behind it. It’s IWANI’s tale weaved into ours, a reflection of their skilled hands, unique heritage, and our shared journey.

With this co-branding, we’re not just recognizing our artisan partners; we’re shining a spotlight on their amazing skills, giving them a voice, and sharing their stories with you. It’s not just about buying a product; it’s about joining a vibrant, interconnected community of stories, values, and traditions.

So, every time you choose a DARIKAMI product, remember that you’re holding a part of Indonesia’s rich culture, a testament to sustainable practices, and a symbol of community collaboration. By choosing DARIKAMI, you join us on this wonderful journey. Let’s keep supporting the amazing spirit of Indonesian craftsmanship together, and continue to be inspired by the heritage that binds us all.

Uncompromised Quality, Sustainable Practices, and Fair Trade – Our Pledge to You

Our Promise

Every item in our catalog stands as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and fair trade. From our flagship SINAR Mineral Sunscreen to our upcoming additions, we promise products that are not just exceptional and effective, but also ethically sourced and environmentally conscious.

Expanding Horizons Inspired by Indonesia's Rich Heritage

What's Next

We’re continuously on a quest of exploration, discovery, and evolution. Our future endeavors include broadening our product portfolio and initiating collaborations that mirror our core values.

We can’t reveal too much yet, but rest assured that our devotion to Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage will continue to be the driving force behind all we do.

Join our Journey.

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