Meet the Makers: The Hearts and Hands Behind DARIKAMI

Each DARIKAMI product is a testament to the skill and dedication of local Indonesian artisans. Here, we honor their stories and the traditional methods they employ to bring you nature’s best in the most sustainable way.

Nareswari – Meet the Maker

Nabila Nareswari always had a big interest in crafts and how it middles between design and art. It is here where she delved deeper into the arts and pursued to hone pottery, a long-time interest of hers.

IWANI – Meet the Maker

Discover IWANI, a pioneering cosmetics manufacturer from Lombok. Their products, including SINAR Mineral Sunscreen, epitomize the marriage of nature and innovation, underscoring sustainable living.

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Our Ethical Promise

At DARIKAMI, we believe in fair trade and sustainable practices. Every partner we collaborate with shares this vision, ensuring that every product you enjoy respects both people and nature.