IWANI – Meet the Maker

Discover IWANI, a pioneering cosmetics manufacturer from Lombok. Their products, including SINAR Mineral Sunscreen, epitomize the marriage of nature and innovation, underscoring sustainable living.
IWANI Meet the Maker


Step into the captivating world of CV Karya Iwin Insani (IWANI), a trailblazing natural cosmetics manufacturer located in the tranquil heart of West Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia. Embodying a commitment to formulate products that nurture both skin and nature, IWANI seamlessly blends with DARIKAMI’s vision of sustainable and conscious living.

Background and History

Launched in 2018, IWANI set out to mitigate the environmental burden of conventional cosmetic products. The cornerstone of their inception was a unique line of coral reef-friendly sunscreens and natural bar soaps, serving as a testament to their dedication to creating beauty products that safeguard our planet’s wellbeing.

Values and Philosophy

Under the guiding principle of “Inspired by Nature”, IWANI integrates indigenous ingredients from Lombok and Sumbawa into its exceptional products. The integration of coconut oil, pounded rice, seaweed extract, and tropical fragrances such as lemongrass and coconut into their products mirrors their respect for nature’s bounty.


The hallmark of IWANI’s offerings is SINAR Mineral Sunscreen, a product that epitomizes the brand’s philosophy of symbiosis with nature. This environmentally conscious sunscreen signifies the devotion IWANI infuses into each product, employing locally sourced ingredients to formulate creations that honor both your skin and the environment.

Community and Sustainability

The essence of every IWANI product lies in a community of committed individuals. Local suppliers from Sumbawa, Lombok, and Kalimantan constitute a critical part of the supply chain. The Dayak Seberuang community, for instance, supplies Illipe butter, an essential component in SINAR Mineral Sunscreen. This alliance aids in thwarting deforestation in the rainforests of Kalimantan.

Impacting Society and Environment

IWANI’s influence transcends their products, leaving a tangible impact on society and the environment. In 2019, IWANI sponsored “Diveable”, a diving initiative for survivors with disabilities in Lombok and Bali. They are also long-standing benefactors of Eduland, a Lombok-based youth organization, backing mangrove planting projects and the establishment of coastal libraries.

Discover the Difference

Experience the harmonious fusion of nature and innovation in IWANI’s SINAR Mineral Sunscreen, available now at Amazon. Embark on an enlightening journey that celebrates the beauty of your skin and the world we inhabit.

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